Based on a traditional Japanese ointment for burns, excema and psoriasis. Healing, nourishing and repairing of skin lesions and wounds. Rub gently over the area to stimulate healing, relive pain and swelling, and promote skin regeneration.

Zi Cao cools blood, Licorice root calms and Anjelica nourishes and builds blood to stimulate healing, Myrhh and Frankincense have anti-inflammatory, wound healing and skin soothing properties.

Yes, this balm is  - naturally - a deep purple red colour. It can stain so don't use while wearing white or pastel colours.

Keep in mind: because they have cocoa butter, they have a hard shell/ surface. Its just what cocoa butter does - like chocolate! Once you scratch through that they are soft and buttery underneath.

Ingredients: Shea Butter*( Vitellaria paradoxa) Beeswax*(Cera flava), Sunflower*(Helianthus annuus), Black sesame*(Sesamum indicum), Coconut*(Cocos Nucifera), Olive* (Olea Europaea), and Castor oil* (Ricinus Communis) blend,  Cocoa butter* (Theobroma Cacao), Natural Vitamin E* (Tocopherol). Herbal infusion and extracts of Dong Gai: Anjelica root* (Angelica Sinensis), Huang Qi: Astragalus*(Astragalus membranaceus), Gang Cao: Licorice Root* (Radix Glycyrrhizae), Shu Di Huang: Rehmannia*(Rehmannia glutinosa), and Zhi Cao: Groomwell Root (Radix Arnebiae Lithospermi). Resins of Mo Yao: Myrrh*(Resina Myrrhae), Ru Xiang: Frankincense*(Resina Olibani) and Hunag Lian: Coptis* (Rhizoma Coptidis). * ACO Certified organic ingredients, 100% Naturally sourced

NO: palm, petrochemical, nut oils or waxes. No Synthetic fragrances.