Gingkyo balms are formulated from a unique therapeutic perspective. Traditional East Asian Medicines, be that herbal formulas or acupuncture, are far from being haphazard in their design. While many people think of Chinese Medicine as Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Tai chi or manual techniques (such as Tui Na or Shiatsu), what is actually so special about this medicine is the unique, holistic and complex viewpoint it has on the system of health. Its not just the tools, its the technique as well as the context which make Chinese Medicine as effective as it is!

These balms are created the same way. They are specifically formulated to tackle your issue in the most effective way possible - from the root cause. To get the best possible benefit, they are created on a system of root and branch: they are designed to have a spectrum of ingredients which affect both the manifestation of the problem (ie, your digestion, your pain, etc) and the cause of the problem - where it comes from, for fantastic temporary relief.

I’ve observed for many years now that essential oils seem to be added to many products more for a pretty smell or as an after thought rather than given the true depth of respect and consideration they deserve. In this case, the research and blending of essential oils was the first priority, rather than the last. Extensive research, blending, and testing (on human hamsters) took place for both sensational smell and efficiency.

The unique properties and intention of each balm is listed underneath the product description: some of it may make sense to you - it may not. I encourage you  to try them out for yourself and see how effective they are!

This is the beginning of a product range on which there are many potential possibilities for expansion: if you get great results, please share the love and we will be able to create more amazing products for you! (and feel welcome to get in touch with any suggestions or requests here)

Additionally, for those who are familiar with Aromatherapy and Essential oil research and safety: these balms are based on the extensive safety research of Robert Tisserand, and the energetic profiling of Gabriel Mojay. I owe them a debt of gratitude for their many years of work and commitment to Aromatherapy.

* These are not medical statements and these products are not drugs. For serious health conditions I hope its obvious you should see a Health Professional! May I suggest a Chinese Medicine Practitioner? Be sure to see one registered with AHPRA. If you aren't sure what this means you can find more information here.

Why Gingkyo? Gingkyo is the original spelling of the more well known Gingko, as mistranslated by a western botanist visiting, rediscovering, and naming Asian species of plants. Although now well known for memory and clear thinking, Gingkyo are actually a living fossil, the only remaining in their botanical family. They are a truly unique and phenomenal plant representing longevity, unity of dual natures of yin and yang, and also hope and renewal. Gingkyo trees survived at the centre of the Hiroshima bombing - still going strong -  and can survive for up to a thousand years. I consider the plant and that representation a perfect symbol of what we try to achieve here at Gingkyo.